Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Penang Free School 200 Years of Excellence and Places of Worhsip

3v Price: RM3.5
Sheetlet Price: RM65

Miniature Sheet Price: RM7
Empty Folder Price: RM10

 5v Price: RM5

 Sheetlet Price: RM90

Monday, 24 October 2016

Battle Sites, International Definitive Stamps and Posmen Komuniti

Battle Sites 4v Price: RM5
Battle Sites Miniature Sheet Price: RM5

 Battle Sites Stamp Sheet Price: RM100
 International Definitive Sheetlet 8v Price: RM340 (face value RM388)

  Posmen Komuniti 3v Price: RM4
 Posmen Komuniti Miniature Sheet Price: RM5

 Posmen Komuniti Sheetlet Price: RM75

 Posmen Komuniti Setenant Sheet Price: RM12

Battle Sites, International Definitive Stamps and Posman Komuniti and 200 Years Penang Free School

 Battle Sites Pair Price: RM12

 International Definitive Stamps Price: RM48

 Posman Komuniti Pair Price: RM12

 200 Years Penang Free School Pair Price: RM12
(Jalan Masjid Negeri cancellations)