Saturday, 10 June 2017

Used Hello Kitty

 Hello Kitty 2016 Price: RM9

 Hello Kitty 2015 Price: RM8

 Hello Kitty 2014 Price: RM7

 Hello Kitty 2013 Price: RM7

 Hello Kitty 2012 Price: RM11

Hello Kitty 2011 Price: RM10

 Hello Kitty 2010 Price: RM10

 Hello Kitty 2009 Price: RM10

  Hello Kitty 2008 Price: RM10

 Hello Kitty 2004 Price: RM15

 Hello Kitty 80 yen 2004 Price: RM4

Friday, 9 June 2017

Used Snoopy, Mickey, Disney Characters and Winnie The Pooh and Teddy Bear

 Snoopy 2010 Price: RM7

Snoopy 2014 Price: RM7

 Mickey 2012 Price: RM16

 Disney Characters 2012 Price: RM16
 Disney Characters 2013 Price: RM7
 Disney Characters 2015 Price: RM7

 Winnie the Pooh 2013 Price: RM16

 Winnie the Pooh 2014 Price: RM7

Teddy Bear 2015 Price: RM7

Teddy Bear 2014 Price: RM7

Teddy 2013 80 yen Price: RM7
Teddy 2012 Price: RM15

Mint/Used Japan Animation/Comic Series

 Detective Conan 2009 Price: RM16
 Dragonball 2012 Price: RM16

Gegege ni Kitaro 2009 price: RM15

Chibimaruko-chan 2010 price: RM15

Full Metal Alchemist 2010 price: RM15

 Roses Of Versailles 2011 price: RM15 

 Japanese Folklore Manga 2008 Price: RM15

  Rascal Racoon 2012 used 10v Price: RM15
 Rascal Racoon 2012 Mint Price: RM38
 (slightly folder per picture bottom left)


Used Peter Rabbit 2012 and 2015 and PHILANIPPON 2011

 Peter Rabbit 50 yen 2012 Price: RM9

Peter Rabbit 82 yen 2015 Price: RM7

 PHILANIPPON 20v 2011 Price: RM14

Mint and Used Doraemon 1997 and Used 2013 and Japan 100 different Commemorative Stamps

 Doraemon 1997 used 6v Price: RM6
 Doraemon 1997 Mint Sheet Price: RM38

Doraemon 2013 used 10v Price: RM14

100 Different  Commemorative Stamps Price: RM12