Friday, 19 September 2014

40 Years Diplomatic Relationship between China and Malaysia

 Folder Price: RM28

FDC with Sungai Petani cancellations Price: RM8
FDC mint with no cancellation Price: RM7

Prime Ministeres 1991

Price: RM9

Insect Series 3, Frogs of Malaysia, Clock Tower, Agong, Children Tales and Rare Vegetables

 Insect Series 3 FDC Pair Price: RM25

 Children Tales FDC Pair Price: RM20

 Frogs FDC Pair Price: RM15

Rare Vegetables FDC Price: RM18

 Agong Price: RM7

Clock Tower Price: RM7

Arachnid, Palm Trees, World Heritage Sites and 1 Malaysia

Palm Trees FDC Pair Price: RM14

World Hertiage Sites FDC Pair Price: RM14

1 Malaysia FDC Pair Price: RM18

Arachnid FDC Pair Price: RM18

Children's Pet, Virtue and Royal Palace

Virtue Error (Nilai Murni) FDC Price: RM10

Royal Palace FDC Price: RM17

Children's Pet FDC pair Price: RM20

Old Post Office and Firefly

 Old Post Office Price: RM32

Firefly Price: RM18

Agong and Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth 2 and Antarctic Research Programme

 Agong FDC pair Price: RM22

Prince William and Kate Visit FDC pair Price: RM35

Antarctic Research FDC Price: RM7