Friday, 27 March 2015

Coronation of KYDMM Sultan Johor

3v Price: RM5
Miniature Sheet Price: RM12

Sheetlet Price: RM90

Empty Folder Price: RM50

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Thailand Mint Stamp 2013

 Nocturnal Bird 2013 Sheetlet Price: RM40
  Nocturnal Bird 2013 4v Price: RM4

 Symbols of Love 2013 Sheetlet Price: RM10
  Symbols of Love 2013 2v Price: RM2

Digital TV 2013 Sheetlet Price: RM4

 Heritage Conservation 2013 Sheetlet Price: RM8

World Stamp Exhibition 2nd Series 2013 Sheetlet Price: RM7

Tai Sui God 2013 3v Price: RM3
Tai Sui God 2013 Sheetlet Price: RM25

 Tai Sui God Dragon Miniature Sheet Pef and Impef 2013 Pair: RM20

Thailand Mint Stamp 2014 2015

 Chinese New Year 1v 2014 Price: RM1
 Chinese New Year Sheetlet 2014 Price: RM10

 Frog 4v 2014 Price: RM4
 Frog Sheetlet 2014 Price: RM40

Symbols of Love 2v 2014 Price: RM2
Symbols of Love Sheetlet 2014 Price: RM10

National Children Day 2015 Price: RM5

 Heritage Conservation 2014 Sheetlet Price: RM8

Thailand Mint Stamp 2012

 Highly Revered Buddha Image 2012 5v Price: RM4
 Symbols  of Love 2012 4v Price: RM4
 Symbols  of Love 2012 Sheetlet Price: RM20

Queen Grandmother 3rd Series 2012 Sheetlet Price: RM2

Thailand Mint Stamp 2008 2010 2011

Chinese New Year 2008 4v Price: RM8
Chinese New Year 2008 Sheetlet Price: RM30

Guan Yin Sheetlet 2010 Price: RM15
Guan Yin 1v 2010 Price: RM1.5

60th Royal Wedding Anniversary 2010 2v Price: RM4
60th Royal Wedding Anniversary 2010 Sheetlet Price: RM16

 Thailand Alphabet 2011 Sheetlet Price: RM10

Global Eradication Small Pox 1978 snd Agong 1976

Small Pox 1978 3v Price: RM10

 Agong 1976 3v Price: RM15 (toning back of stamps)