Thursday, 13 September 2018

46th Merdeka n Father of Independence n Rose n Fighting Fish

46th Merdeka Pair Price: RM12 (Ipoh Cancellations)

46th Merdeka Pair Price: RM10 (Kuala Lumpur Cancellations, side envolope slight toned)

 Rose pair Price: RM10

 Father of Independence Pair Price: RM12 (Ipoh Cancellations)

Fighting Fish Price: RM12

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

National Day Celebration and Malaysia Day

National Day Celebration 2v Price: RM2

 National Day Celebration Header with 5 sets Price: RM12

National Day Celebration Miniature Sheet Price: RM7

National Day Celebration Sheetlet Price: RM40

Empty Folder National Day Celebration Price: RM10

Malaysia Day 2v Price: RM3

 Malaysia Day Sheetlet Price: RM50
Malaysia Day Minaiture Sheet Price: RM7

 Malaysia Day 5 sets with Header Price: RM17