Wednesday, 29 February 2012

TNB Powering the Nation's Progress

3v Price: RM4

Sheetlet of 100v Price: RM270 (light toning)

Golf and Heliconia

Golf 4v Price: RM4

10v Price: RM9

 20v Sheetlet Price: RM25


 Agong 3v Price: RM6 (clean set)

3v Price: RM3

Agong Sheetlet 21v Price: RM14 (toning back of sheetlet)

Petronas Twin Tower

Miniature Sheet Proferate Price with Printed Serial Number: RM7 (clean)
Miniature Sheet Proferate Price with Printed Serial Number: RM4 (toning side of MS)

Miniature Sheet Proferate Price with Hand Chop Serial Number: RM6

 Miniature Sheet Impef Price : RM12 (toning back of MS)

3v Price: RM4 (toning back of stamps)

Seniman Agung P Ramlee

 4v Price: RM3(Light Brown)

Impef sheetlet Price: RM25

 Miniature Sheet Price: RM6 (clean)
Miniature Sheet Price: RM3 (toning)

 4v Price: RM6 (Colourful)

Protected Mammals in Malaysia

Miniature Sheet Price: RM5
 5v Price: RM5

Cat Malaysia

3v Price: RM7

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Price: RM5

30c Pef sheetlet Price: RM7

Protected Mammals Series 2

Miniature Sheet Price: RM6

Thomas Uber Cup KL

Thomas Uber Cup KL Proferate 5v Price: RM4

Traditional Boat

4v Price: RM3

Table Tennis Championship

3v Price: RM5

Islamic Art Musuem and Global Knowledge

Islamic Art Museum 4v Price: RM6

Global Knowledge 4v Price: RM5

sheetlet Price: RM9

100 Years of Medical Research

MS Price: RM4 per set 

Marine Life

Miniature Sheet Impef Price: RM5

4v Price: RM8

Dental Congress and Federal Territory

Dental Congress 1v Price: RM3

 Dental Congress Sheetlet Price: RM28

  Federal Territory 2v Price: RM5

Malaysian Bantams

 Miniature Sheet Overprint Price: RM7
Miniature Sheet Overprint Price: RM5 (toning back of stamps)

3v Price: RM7

Scented Flower

Miniature Sheet Price: RM4

3v Price: RM6

KWSP (EPF) and 100th Anniv Forestry Department

3v Price: RM4 each

Quail and Partridges

Miniature Sheet Price: RM8
3v Price: RM6