Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Underwater Life 2012

4v Price: RM4
Miniature Sheet Price: RM7
Sheetlet Price: RM80

Empty Folder 03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/13/14/15

Malaysia Festival 2006 Folder Price: RM5 (minor folded on corner)

Museums and Artifacts II 2014 Folder Price: RM10

 57th Independence 2014 Price: RM12
 Aviation Folder 2011 Price: RM15

40th Malaysia China Diplomatic Relationship 2014 Folder Price: RM33

 Yes to Life, No to Drugs 2012 Price: RM10

 Fighting Fish 2003 Price: RM20

Wild and Tame 2002 Price: RM18

 Primates 2003 Price: RM8 (toning)

 1 Malaysia 2009 Price: RM18

Butterflies Folder 2008 Price: RM18

Batik 2005 Price: RM10

Insect Series 3 2007 Price: RM18

 Frog 2007 Price: RM18

 Rose 2014 Price: RM10

Herons and Bitterns 2015 Price: RM9

 KLIA2 2014 Price: RM10

Farm Animals (Goat) 2015 Price:RM8

Local Food 2014 Price: RM8

Palm Tree 2009 Price: RM10

Aga Khan 2007 Price: RM30

Air Transportation 2007 Price: RM14
Marine Life Series 6 2004 Price: RM12
Garden Flower 2010 Price: RM10
Bridge 2008 Price: RM10

Reptile 2005 Price: RM10

 Felda 2006 Price: RM8



Sunday, 11 March 2012

Cancelled Stamps RM4 Per Set

25th Anniversary Unicef 1971
 Protected Mammals 1st Series 1985

 Penang Bridge 1985

 Malaysia Games 1986

10th Anniversay of Nataion Association of Prevention of Drugs 1986

 Industrial Training and Exposition Seminar 1981

 50th Anniversary of Rubber Research Institute 1975

Past Prime Ministers Malaysia 1991

 25th Anniversary of Asian Productivity Organization 1986

 Hydro Electric Power Station Temengor 1979

Asia Pacific Communications Decade 1987

 Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Selangor 1985

 Inaugural Flights of Mas to Los Angeles 1986

 10th Anniversary of Malaysia 1973

 Agong 1976

 Commonwealth Conference of Postal Administration 1978

Agong 1980

 Agong 1971

17th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference 1971

Sea Games 1977

4th World Conference on Tin in Kuala Lumpur 1974

Setting up of Malaysia Airline System 1973

 Inauguration of Parliament 1959

Wild Flower 1990

International Year of Disables Persons 1981

 Opening of State Council Sarawak 1976

International Woman's Year 1975
 Kraftangan 1982

Traditional Games 1982

9th Sea Games 1977

Kuala Lumpur as Federal Territory 1974

SEAP Games 1971

UN Econimic Commission for Asia & Far East Conference 1958

In Memorial of Late Tun Haji Abd Razak 1977

Used bird 1965 6v

Price per set: RM4

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